Wheaton College Campus Run

As I prepared for my first Q at AO Ground Zero, I spent some time looking for potential routes this morning. I thought what better way to appreciate a good run than to visit the Wheaton College campus. We ran and saw the campus as well as crept past @Big Mac’s home. 8 PAX took on this morning’s run. Today also served as a reminder that even a seasoned Q gets the jitters when taking on something new. No PAX were hurt on this run as I was reminded that there was no disclaimer! Thankfully, I have this group to keep me in check. Great job @Panhandle for keeping pace and a strong finish! You kept me on my toes!

The Thang (Route):


NoR: @Panhandle, @Shamu, @Banks, @Shiplap, @Whittler, @Tortuga, @Jolly, @Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Prayers for safe travels as Banks’ M travels to St. Louis and Tortugas’ M and daughters fly back home. Continued motivation and drove as many PAX push through the monthly challenges (pull ups & weight loss).