Backblast: 2/25/2021(Actual Death March

17 Paxs showed up this mourning for the VQ.

WOR: Abe Vigoda, Michael Phelps, Goof Balls, and tappy taps.

Thang 1

Bataan Death March around the big loop. The snow was frozen and so we decided to take a detour on the road. The detour was longer then expect however. No one died even though it was close a couple times.

Thang 2

At the Base of Hoffa. 50 squats, run up Hoffa, 100 LBCs, 50 Merkins, run up Hoffa, 100 Flutter-kicks, 50 lunges, run up Hoffa, 100 American Hammers, and repeat. we ran out of time after about 1.5 loops.


Prayers for Push ups and memorizations this month. Prayer for Dan and that we can all be content and grateful. Prayer for Brain who got hit by a car. Prayer for Bloomer and his family. Prayer for SAGA’s M.