Run Club – 2/26/21, Ground Zero

10 PAX (plus one four-legged companion) posted on a clear, crisp morning for Run Club.

Warm-o-Rama: Stretch OYO while the last few PAX arrived. Jog south along Carlton towards Childs St.

Thang: Childs St. Hill – PAX separated into several groups running at different paces. We ran west along Childs to Woodlawn, then turned around and went back up the hill to Carlton. While not steep, the hill provided a good workout. YHC took the lead (surprisingly) and the group completed 5 laps.
Total mileage ~ 4.5mi

Name-o-Rama: Jolly, Shiplap, Gummi Bear, Tortuga (respect), Shamu, Katniss, T-Bone (respect), Noodles, Da Vinci, Crack (Q), Dooley Dog.

CoT: Prayers for Bloomer’s son, Jazz Hands’ friend Brian, Gummi Bear’s mom, Noodles mother-in-law, Da Vinci’s church