Musical Dora

YHC showed up to Tar Pit at the normal 5:15 in preparation for a beatdown to remember. In all honesty, I was a little nervous for the workout myself. I have been reminiscing about my 17 years playing football and 10 years coaching and wanted to deliver a beatdown that reminded me of the workout I never thought I would miss.

WOR: SSH x 20, Picking Daiseys – Middle, Right, Left, Right Quad, Left Quad, Right Tricep, Left Tricep, Michael Phelps – all while listing to song #1

The Thang – Partner #1 completed the exercise while partner #2 ran the ramp of the gerbil wheel. After the partner running got back the pair swapped. They would do this until a song ended. Once the next song started they began a new exercise. Reps were not counted, and based on the mumble chatter this was welcoming

Standing Tricep
Bonnie Blairs
1 Arm Rows
Coupon Squats
BBSU w/ coupon
Skull Crushers
Upright Rows|
OH Press

We finished the workout right on time and ran 29-30 hills. It was nice to see the PAX challenge each other and sprint 80% of the hills. We all got better pushing each other

6MOM: Bicycles IC – the Q switched up the tempo to keep the PAX honest

NOR: Shiplap (Q), Beaker, Hotbox, Saga, Tortuga, BigMac, Jolly, Katniss, Panhandle, Gummi Bear