Front Street Garage

Nice day for an early concurrent Ruck/Run club. Started with WoR then split into Run/Ruck groups. Good start and good finish. I was a bit puzzled by the John Doe that joined out he group at NoR, courtesy of @Sparrow as reported by the unidentified John Doe. Perhaps it worth mentioning to prospects that it’s good to show at the start of a workout. Of course, I am just kidding @Sparrow. We welcomed the John Doe and invited him to join us at a future beatdown!

WoR: Good mornings, Tappy Taps, R/L/C stretch, Squat stretch

Thang #1 – PAX started on West and rucked Front St. Garage. PAX started with the following at the bottom of the garage:

25 Merkins

PAX then moseyed and ascended to top of garage and performed:

Squats – x25

Time did not allow for much else. Moseyed back to AO Mastodon. We covered some distance and were light on the PT today.

NoR: @Jolly, @Sparrow, @Cookies, @Tortuga, @Banks, @Shiplap, @BigMac, @Babe @Noodles

CoT: Praise for @Cookies’ start in his new job position. Prayers for @BigMac’s co-worker undergoing surgery. Continued prayers for @Bloomer.