Three A.L.A.R.M. Beatdown


10 burpees, 25 SSH (in cadence), 15 Abe Vagodas (slow count), 10 merkins (slow), 10 squats (slow), 5 burpees, rifle carry coupon to the field in front of Hoffa


Three A.L.A.R.M. Beatdown = 3 rounds of Arms, Leg, Abs, Run, Merkin (“A.L.A.R.M”) movements

Round 1 – shoulder press x25, goblet squats x25, BBS x25, run Hoffa and back, derkins x25; we burpeed or loaned reps for the six and then did five additional burpees for good measure

We then moseyed about halfway around the AO to the soccer fields stopping for about 100 yards of lunges along the way.

Round 2 – TAPS x25, jump squats x25, dutch bazookas x25, run to the bridge and back, 25 merkins; we burped or loaned reps for the six and then did five additional burpees for fun

We then moseyed back to the field in front of Hoffa for the final round

Round 3 – shoulder press x25, lunges x25 (both legs = 1), american hammers (both sides = 1 rep), back peddle up Hoffa and mosey back, derkins x50; SSH for the six

Next we carried our coupon to the COOTES to do 5 pull ups each on our way back to the flag


19 incredible HIMs were in attendance – Da Vinci, Panhandle, T-Bone, Captain Crunch, Bloomer, Big Mac, Hot Box, Sparrow, Crash, Crack, Banks, Shiplap, Saga, Cookies, Jolly, Tortuga, Chee-eesseee, Katniss, TBTF


prays for Crack to be able to work his schedule and spend time with his grandmother who turns 98 (Happy B-Day!) and prayers for the HIMS and their families for wellness and happiness

Side note – when I call random unplanned burpees I know on the outside I sound like me but in my head all I hear is Shiplap from the House Of Pain Q calling burpees…It can’t be just me right