The Sparrow Strategy 3.10 AO Tarpit

19 PAX for a 8 station beatdown.

WOR: American Aerobic Athletes- Lemur Dance, In Thrust We Trust, High Knees OHC

Thang: 8 Station Beatdown. Each station worth 1 point. No repeats until station 8 was completed. 1 bonus point for completing all stations.

  1. Farmers Carry 120 LB sandbags to the top of the Wheel. 10 squats top/bottom.
  2. 3x Sprint to the top of the Wheel.
  3. 150 LBCs 100 Hammers 50 Big Boy Situps
  4. 4x Pull weight plates the length of the rope
  5. W/ 60 LB sandbag: 150 curls, 100 Squats, 50 clean and press
  6. Up the stairs, 25 squats at each landing on way up and down
  7. 1 lap of the school
  8. Grizzcalator: Up the stairs in plank position, merkin on each stair (2 Points)

Boat/Canoe while scores were shared. Sparrow won with 12 points (6 point from the Grizzcalator). Gummi Bear gets an honorable mention with 11 points.

NOR: Archive, TBTF, Shiplap, Hotbox, Da Vinci, Tortuga, Big Mac, Banks, Cheese, Cookies, Rain Man, Jolly, Bloomer, Sparrow, Katness, Waterboy, TBone, Gummi Bear, SAGA, Wet Burrito (for Coffeeteria)

COT: Moleskine- Make it your end to convert potential energy into kinetic.

Prayer for the growth of the group and for the men there.