4/5/2021 – Monday Ruck Club (also Run Club)

11 PAX (TBTF QIC, Cookies, Sparrow, SAGA, DaVinci, Tortuga, Jolly, Beaker, Dr. Phil, Big Mac, Archive)

The runners started early, circled back to the flag at 530AM to exchange Sparrow for Dr. Phil and were off again for a nice 6+ mile run (estimated)

The Ruckers did a quick WoR and made our way to Hoffa for some bear crawling, squats at the top, and lunging back down. We then proceeded to make 2 laps around the AO (the Archive mile followed by the Captain Crunch mile). Due to some poor time management by yours truly the last half of the Captain Crunch mile was largely a shuffle.

CoT – Prayers for SAGAs M for better sleep and general good health as well as Bloomers son