Backblast: 4.20.21 AO Mastodon, 5:30 AM: You have to run before you can crawl.

QIC: Beaker

11 faithful PAX gathered in the gloom for a beatdown orchestrated by YHC.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, I do not know your injuries. Modify as needed.

WAR: Goofballs (x15 ic), Abe Vigodas (x10 ic), Tappy taps (x10 ic), Arm circles (oyo), Arm across chest (oyo)

PAX were divided into two teams (team 1: Bloomer, Cheese, Jolly, Saga, Shiplap, Tortuga; team 2: Banks, Beaker, Hotbox, Panhandle, T-bone) and moseyed to the obelisk—after explaining to Shiplap what an obelisk is.

Thang 1: the two teams raced around the long loop to the far baseball diamond; each team traveled in an Indian/scout run. Team 1 traveled clockwise, team 2 traveled counter-clockwise. Team 2 won and was awarded 1 point.

Thang 2: Team 1 Bataan death crawled from the edge of the baseball diamond to the east end of Dan Taylor alley and then came back via Dan Taylor getups (Dan Taylors, but with no surrenders in place of squats). Meanwhile, Team 2 ran around the baseball diamond doing multiples of 7 reps at each base/plate.

Round 1: 1×7 diamond merkins

Round 2: 2×7 merkins

Round 3: 3×7 leg raises

Round 4: 4×7 lbcs

When one team finished their routine, both teams stopped, and then switched routines. The team that went around the baseball diamond won both times; 1 point was awarded to each team.

Thang 1, revisited: Both teams continued in an Indian/scout run, travelling in the same direction that they had originally travelled, completing the loop. Team 1 won and was awarded 1 point.

Thang 3: We moseyed back to the parking lot as a group. As a tie breaker, we did a doomsday clock in plank position, adding merkins by 2s and holding an Al Gore when you were out. At 6:15 both teams had 3 HIMs remaining in the clock and it was declared a tie. Both teams split the prize of an additional 100 burpees.

NOR: Banks, Beaker, Bloomer, Cheese, Hotbox, Panhandle, Jolly, Saga, Shiplap, T-bone, Tortuga

Moleskin: F3 taps into the reality that we are people who long to be named. When we are named, a new life is created; we become our new name. Upon being named, we are brought into the PAX. In the PAX we are given the gift of a community that reminds us of our names every time we show up, and thus continues to nourish and call forth that new creation. This follows the pattern first demonstrated to us when God names us as his sons, calls us forth as a new creation, and gives us the church to daily remind us of our new name, nourishing and calling forth our new selves. In this same way, the other most important relationships in our lives are ones in which we receive new names (husband, father), new realities, and new roles. We are also given a new community (our Ms and 2.0s) who call us forth to live into our new names. YHC encouraged the gathered HIMs to go forth into their day, remembering that they are new creations empowered to live into their names as son of God, husband, and father.

COT: Prayers for Bloomer’s 2.0 Cooper’s surgery on Friday, Jolly’s 2.0 Rancher as he returned home from college to finish the semester remotely, Tortuga’s M and tweaks to her medication, and for us to live out our lives as new creations.