05.04.2021 JOKER Q

15 PAX POSTED: Crack, Banks, Katniss, Beaker, Tortuga, Jolly, Panhandle, Babysitter, Shiplap, BigMac, Sparrow, Saga, Hotbox, FNG Aloha! and Gummibear.

When I arrived I was not surprised to see Sparrow talking with the FNG I invited, perhaps attempting to brainwash him into thinking Sparrow invited him. Sparrow is very convincing.

All of the above were present for the first ever Wheaton Joker Q. We were solemn and yet brimming with anticipation as Shiplap passed out the deck of cards. The last card was given to me…I looked and there, on the piece of red and white glossy cardboard was the image of a court jester. I knew right then that I had the Joker. That’s when it occurred to me that I would be leading, right then after I saw the Jester which is a Joker, that’s when I knew.


An entire beautiful story could be written on the precisely choreographed warm up. But it is enough to state here that it achieved its purpose with grace and dignity; of preparing the pax for the workout to come. The warm up was not appreciated in its own time, but often genius is overlooked for the normal and expected. A great big sleek looking and ornately made musical box was present on wheels as well; compliments of Shiplap. Ode to Katniss and Archive: One must recognize and give homage to those who have gone before and inspired him to greatness.

The Thang:

We paired up and moved over to the pull up bars.

Pull ups I/C: Sets of 10,8,3 with the final pull up including a hold.

Race to the hill: Partner teams raced around the small loop to the hill. Partners alternated between doing Rifle Carries and Murder Bunnies and conducting either Overhead Squats and Blockees while waiting for the partner to catch up. Katniss and Hotbox were the first to the top of the hill.

ANB: Anything But MARY I/C. When we all arrived at the top of the hill the pax formed a circle and the Q graciously gave each pax (except Jolly and Sparrow) a turn at calling whatever exercise their heart desired as long as the pax could perform the exercise, it was not an ab exercise, and the pax could call cadence for the exercise. The q quickly realized that he should have not been so magnanimous and should have placed more specific parameters on his unruly subjects. Crack, Banks, and Saga started out all calling some form of a push up exercise with Banks performing 20 I/C burpees. I also learned that bigmac has an impressive vertical as he performed 20 I/C star jumps and Shiplap led a forearm exercise to simply show us we are all weaker then he. And of course when we arrived at hotbox and told him he could lead us in one exercise, he took great liberties and led us in three exercises.

A final sprint to the the top of the hill ended the first joker Q.