Backblast for Saturday, 3/8/2021 – Jäzz Händz Special: The Taskmaster Edition

This one is two months overdue, sorry about that fellas. Better late than never!

13 brave and daring PAX arrived, some for a double header after a Tortuga beatdown, and some fresh meat waiting to be tenderized. This was a particularly fun Q for me, as it not only gamified the beatdown and took our mind off the pain, but also added some funky spunky switch ups to how we do things. Had to think “outside the box”, which is the name of the game in the UK hit gameshow, “Taskmaster”, my inspiration for this Q.

Posting HIMs included:

  1. Captain Crunch
  2. Archive
  3. Crack
  4. Crash
  5. Double Beef n Cheddar
  6. TBTF
  7. Sparrow
  8. Nickerdoodle
  9. Tortuga
  10. Cookies
  11. Banks
  12. Jailbreak
  13. Jäzz Händ

1 —> 2 —> 3 —> ONE 
1 —> 2 —> 3 —> TWO  
7 motivators 
20 arm circles forward IC
20 arm circles backward IC
20 goof balls
Daisy pickers (left + right + center)

This took about 7-10 minutes. Many silly faults, lots of penalty merkins for miscounting.

Taskmaster Coupon Carry. 
West lot to Pool House (street ending)
First team entirely across YELLOW BARRICADE by pool house wins. NO SHORTCUTS – use road only.
Start in west parking lot by flag, move along dry road to the pool house. Stay together, COMMUNICATE. 
Every 1 minute, Q’s alarm will sound: we stop, do AMRAP for 30 SECONDS of these in rotation: 
1) blockees    2) goblet squats    3) grave diggers    4) raised-coupon flutter kicks    5) derkins
After 30 second timer ends, resume coupon carry circuit. 
EACH PAX/TEAM will follow the following rules:

  • Only one person  per team can move at a time. 
  • After each AMRAP, you must switch what carry style from what you previously used.
  • Each team must have at least 3 different coupon carry styles at all times.
  • You must always be within 10 feet of someone on your team. 
  • Penalty for breaking rules: entire team at fault does 10 burpees.
  • Other team will be your whistle-blower.

I don’t remember which team “name” it was, but the other team (not mine) won this relay! Our team faulted twice due to @Sparrow ’s using a “UK foot” instead of a US foot to measure the 10-foot rule 🙄. This new routine took about 30 minutes.

Taskmaster Spelling Bee
Start at the northern most end of the pool house parking lot , end at Basketball Courts to the south. End goal is to spell “F-3” with coupons as a team on the basketball court. 
Begin – all PAX line up at the starting line. Begin planking. Whenever timer sounds, someone calls new plank, and the Q released one PAX at a time from the starting point in 20 second waves.
Hands must stay below your knees at all times to transport your coupon. Take any path you choose. Options are bent over carries, murder bunnies, coupon drag—open to interpretation. 

Destination is out of sight so PAX can’t see results until they arrive. Each PAX adds their coupon to the growing creation that should end up spelling “F-3” on the ground on the basketball court. You can’t adjust previous PAX’s coupons when you arrive. When you are not transporting your coupon, you should be planking. Anyone can call a plank position for all PAX to hold. Switch every 20 seconds as PAX depart/arrive.

When the final PAX arrives, if the arrangement does not please the TASKMASTER QIC (YHC), 25 burpee penalty for everyone.

This worked very well and the Taskmaster QIC was pleased – no penalties! However poor @Jolly broke his coupons doing murder bunnies on the pavement! 

Taskmaster “Sing” of Fire
Circle up. Ring of Fire / doomsday clock (don’t remember which name is correct) – planking + merkins, one pax at a time.
Begin going around CW with merkins, one per PAX in order. In opposite direction CCW, one PAX sings first word  of “I’m a little teapot”. Next pax sings the next word. So on and so on. If someone gets it wrong or waits longer than 3 seconds to sing their word, everyone does punishment: 5 extra merkins at that moment. (There are about 22 words in that song.) Keep going. 

Eventually PAX gave up on singing portion and it came down to a couple PAX standoff for the last remaining PAX. I believe it was Archive and Captain Crunch but my memory is foggy on this one. 

Recover. Slow, zombie mosey carrying our coupons back to the flag for…



Kevin Lipp