Backblast: Friday May 28, 5:30am AO Ground Zero

WOR: OYO warmup and jogging start

8 Pax gathered in the 40 degree rain to run. Rain stopped midway through. Near perfect running weather.

Stayed on the pavement – 3 laps in the parking garage and then out Childs street to the culdesac and home.

NOR: @panhandle, @tortuga, , @hotbox, @aloha, @shamu, @katniss, @banks, @t-bone (Q)

Last minute weather un-HC (rhymes with fartsac): @jolly and @davinci

Moleskin : 1) I’m super thankful for the OCR crew welcoming my 2.0 to take my place tomorrow – those acts of kindness mean a lot – both to me and my family – that is I think a huge part of what being the F3 nation is all about. You all rock!

2) Francis of Assisi did not say “Preach the Gospel always, use words as necessary”. It’s a great quote but he didn’t say it.

Be wise. Be slow to share things via FB, Instagram, retweets or out of your own mouth that you don’t know to be true or reliable. There are plenty of factually great things to share. Don’t dilute your message and be “that guy” that needs everything to be fact checked.

Be the guy that everyone knows has “checked their sources” – then when you have something to say – people will listen.

COT: Prayers for @aloha and @noodles job searches, @saga and @jazz hands physical injuries and recoveries and for safe travel this holiday weekend – including the Frontline OCR crew.