Backblast 6/3/21 5:30 @ AO Mastodon “Dirty MacDuece and Resurrection Bunnies

QIC: Beaker
21 faithful PAX gathered on this beautiful morning for a beatdown.

WAR: We started with a 1/2 mile jog around the short loop to warm up our legs. We followed up with tappy taps (x5), hamstring stretching on each leg, Morrocan night clubs (x17 ic) , a shirtless Sparrow, Michael Phelps, and arm across chest stretches.

Thang 1: Dirty MacDeuce
4 sets of 3 exercises, each done in cadence to a four count. In between each set the PAX went up Hoffa AYG, back down as recovery and then held low plank for the 6.
Set 1: Merkins, American hammers, goblet squats
Set 2: Derkins, mountain climbers, Bonnie Blairs
Set 3: Overhead presses, shoulder taps, monkey humpers
Set 4: Standing skull crushers, flutter kicks, Blarts

Thang 2: Animal walks
YHC defined a quadrangle in the field at the base of Hoffa. The PAX travelled from corner to corner on the perimeter of the quadrangle in four animal walks. At each corner, 10 mucho leg-os were performed. The animal walks were: 1) resurrection bunnies, 2) duck walk, 3) crab walk, 4) bear crawl.

NOR: Aloha, Katniss, Sparrow, Bloomer, Whittler, Heist, Archive, Panda Express, Babe, Ralphy, Yankee, Jolly, BOGO, Hotbox, T-bone (respect), Banks, SAGA, Da Vinci, Gummi Bear, Beaker, Tortuga (respect)

COT: We prayed for injuries and illnesses and praise for a beautiful morning.

Gummi Bear was awarded a trophy and beverages for winning the FNG/Kotter drive.