Beer Suckers (Black Ops #1)

Six PAX (@Binford @Beaker @TBTF @Banks @Davinci @Jolly) showed up for the first Black Ops event of the summer, which involved a lollipop/sucker shaped ten mile run from Two Brothers brewery around McKee Marsh and back. The slow group’s lollipop was somewhat consumed as we only made it a third of the way around the marsh. Still, we all went basically ten miles.

Two of us may have suffered hotflashes after the workout. This may not have been wise, but it was clearly CSAUP (completely stupid and utterly pointless). Perhaps the next Black Ops should not be as grueling. Still, six of these (including any Black Diamond workouts) qualifies for a coveted end of summer prize. @Shiplap appeared at the brewery to show support, and somehow @Beaker managed to lead a Q the next morning at 5:30AM.