6.10.21 AO Mastodon – 5 Alive Reprisal!

It was another beautiful morning at the AO, 70 degrees and humid! 15 PAX (Aloha, Banks, Beaker, Bloomer, BOGO, Crack, DaVinci, Hotbox, Jolly, Katniss, Little Debbie (DR from Tennessee), Panda Express, Shiplap, Sparrow, Tortuga) came out to see what they were made of when they were asked the question, “Can you do 5 of anything?” Most PAX knew what was coming, but that didn’t stop them from coming out to do the hard thing this morning!

Warm-O-Rama: The Usual

  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Mountain Man Poopers IC
  • Stretch OYO as YHC explained the thang

The Thang: 5 Alive!

The PAX would start out on the path and mosey around the AO stopping at each light pole adding 1 rep each time. There was a wrinkle thrown in that while crossing every bridge, your feet had to be on the hand rails and you had to cross on your hands. The first light pole was 1 burpee, 2nd = 2 burpees, and so on until the 6th light pole where it was 5 burpees and 1 Merkin. The Merkin count increased until the 11th light pole where is was 5 burpees, 5 Merkins, and 1 Star Jump. The Star Jumps Progressed until the 16th Light pole where Dive Bombers were added into the mix. At the 21st Light pole Mucho Leggo was added. At the 25th light pole, all PAX completed 5 burpees, 5 Merkins, 5 Star Jumps, 5 Dive Bombers, and 5 Mucho Leggos. All PAX finished around 35 minutes, and some were under 30 minutes to completion! For those of you keeping count, this results in the following:

  • 115 burpees
  • 90 Merkins
  • 65 Star Jumps
  • 40 Dive Bombers
  • 15 Mucho Leggos

We then moseyed to the hill and completed 3 sprints to the top! (We ran out of time, so we weren’t able to get to the magic number of 5…)


Archive came and joined us for coffee. Thankful for this group and how we accelerate each other, remember:

  • Acceleration requires daily commitment
  • The decision to accelerate is done in solitude, but the act of accelerating is done in multitude
  • Acceleration only requires movement today that is marginally faster than yesterday

Prayers for Archive’s fingers, Babe and his M and new 2.0, DBC, and for all of us to have a strong finish to the week.