“Squats and Other Stuff” – AO Mastodon, June 12, 2021

10 PAX showed up on a humid Saturday morning to find out if we could actually do “just” squats. Mumblechatter earlier in the week got YHC thinking. Recently we have gotten into the habit of doing exercises like “Mucho-lego” that include the squat, but aren’t just squats.

Side-straddle hops – IC 25
Tappy Taps – IC 10
Abe Vigodas – IC 10
Merkins – IC 10
Mountain Man Poopers – IC 10
Arm Circles – IC 10 each small forward, small reverse, big reverse, big forward
Michael Phelps – OYO

We started with a mosey around the short loop, finishing at the base of Hoffa.

Thang 1: 11’s on the hill (Heartbreak 11’s?)
The PAX lined up across the the base of Hoffa. Exercises were air squats at the bottom, merkins at the top, starting with 10 squats, 1 merkin, and working to 1 squat, 10 merkins.

Due to the heat/humidity, YHC called an audible on the plans, and we headed to the shade.

Thang 2: Pain Stations
The PAX split into 3 groups. Group 1 headed to the COOTIES, group 2 headed to the swings, and group 3 headed to the SHOP.
Rounds 1&2: Pull-ups (10 ea), Atomic Merkins (20 ea), picnic table presses (15 ea)
Rounds 3&4: Dips (20 ea), Big Boy Sit-ups (20 ea), Picnic Table step-ups (20 ea)

The PAX then retraced their steps back around the short loop to the flag for some Ring of Fire

Each PAX chose an exercise, performed 1 rep. Going around the circle, each PAX then increased the rep count by 1 until it came back to the original PAX, who finished with 10 reps.
K-Pop – merkins
Wet Burrito – flutter kicks (4 count)
Reels – Big Boy Situps
SAGA – Burpees (modified to AMRAP, start after the previous PAX has completed 1 rep)
Bloomer – Squats
Da Vinci – LBCs (SAGA style)
Jailbreak – mountain climbers

COT – Crash, Jailbreak, Da Vinci, Bloomer, SAGA, Reels (FNG), Wet Burrito, K-Pop, Crack (Q)

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  1. Forgot to add Cookies, who showed up for the first part of the workout, but had to leave early for baseball.


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