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Warmorama: Side straddle hops during Kook and the Gang’s Celebration with Burpee at the word “Celebrate.” Arm circles, Tappy taps, quad and calf stretch.

The Thang:

Run 100 yards, 10 merkens, 90 yards, 10 merkens, 80 yards, 10 merkens and so on.

Ultimate Frisbee with an added FutFall-inspired dimension (penalty burpees on interceptions).

Destroy your core (ab exercise of choice for 2 minutes)

Moleskin: “The wonderful Danish writer Isak Dinesen once suggested that there are three occasions for happiness in human life: when there is an excess of energy; during the cessation of pain; and when we possess absolute certainty that we are doing the will of God. The first of these belongs mostly to youth, and the second is, by definition, brief. The third, however, is open to anyone at any and all times.” (Robert Johnson, Balancing Heaven and Earth, p. 276)

COT: Prayers extemporaneous style, especially for the safe delivery of baby Babe.