BACKBLAST: Tues 6.15.21 “SAGA Is A Four Letter Word” @ AO Mastodon

WOR: Birthbees / Tappy Taps / Mt Climbers

THANG 1: Manrise for beauty and bros

10 burpees at top of Hoffa to take in the view of the AO (call out to 3rd-F)

Mosey to lamppost by parking lot

THANG 2: 11s – SAGA rhymes with MABA (a bit of January in June!)

At the lamppost we divided into three teams – goal was to stay together as a whole PAX: call out to 2nd-F)

10 squats + 1 burpee

9 squats + 2 burpees

8 squats + 3 burpees…until 1 & 10)

10 merkins in cadence

THANG 3: Sometimes you are on your own

Race to the bottom of Hoffa while trying to catch SAGA on his scooter (shoutout to @Sparrow @Gummi Bear @Hotbox)

LBCs in cadence

THANG 4: more 11s up and down Hoffa—SAGA is a synonym for PAIN

10 squats at base + 1 burpee at top

9 squats at base + 2 burpees at top

8 squats at base + 3 burpees at top…until 1 & 10

Flutter Kicks on top of Hoffa in cadence

Mosey to base of Hoffa…

THANG 5: Ring of fire—descent into HELL

In a circle, all PAX doing burpees while the Q begins with 20 squats and goes into burpees and passes squats to the next PAX who does 20 squats and so on around the circle…push ‘til the end, hit that wall and go over it…

10 merkins to show you still got some in you

THANG 6: Manrise to top of Hoffa—we’re all in this together #F3

10 burpees

American Hammers in cadence

Mosey to flags

CoR/NoR/Cot: 18 PAX in attendance: @Aloha @Beaker @Bloomer @BOGO @Captian Crunch @Cheese (respect) @Crack @Da Vinci @Gummi Bear @Hotbox @Jolly @Panda Express @SAGA (Q) @Sherpa @Shiplap @Sparrow @T-Bone (respect) @Whittler

Prayers for @Tortuga’s travel and his M, @Whittler and decisions about work, @Gummi Bear’s sister Lindy and her recent move

MOLESKIN: You can do hard things and you can do even more hard things when you’re with a PAX. The gift of F3 in fitness, fellowship, & faith—we never travel alone when we travel with the PAX—so much for which to give thanks…