You Do You Monday

Backblast, 6/14/21, AO Mastodon

20 HIM gathered for a do your thing beatdown.

WOR: Tappy Taps, Goofballs, Michael Phelps, Arm circles, Copperhead Merkins.

We then broke off into three groups: run, ruck, Murph. I joined the Murph. Dr. Phil also joined the Murph thinking it was the run. HA!

Good Murph.


Ruck: Shiplap, Jailbreak, Archive, Babe, Reels

Run: Cheese, DaVinci, Aloha

Murph: Hotbox, Katniss, Sparrow, Jolly, Whittler, Panhandle, Heist, Dr. Phil, Noodles, Tortuga (Q), Saga, Bloomer

COT: Praise for Noodles’ three job offers, Babe and family doing great with new baby. Prayers for Noodles’ M going through some depression, Jailbreak’s friend, Tim, had a stroke, Dr. Phil is getting back to F3 after mourning his brother’s death.

Moleskin: Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for him. We are called to love our wives sacrificially. We can’t do it on our own. That’s why God sent Jesus and equips us with the Holy Spirit.