7/03/2021 – F3 AO Mastodon – Saturday Bootcamp

2 PAX in attendance – Cookies, TBTF (QIC)

We started off with a quick warm up consisting of SSH, Abe Vegoda’s, Picking Daisies, and Arm Circles.

We then took turns alternating a Farmer’s Carry of 2 coupons from the flag to the basketball courts.

Once we made it to the basketball courts we built our routine based on whether we made or missed various shots:
– Shot/Make/Miss
– Layup/25 Merkins/50 curls
– Free Throw/25 Merkins/25 Curls
– 3-Pointer/Mosey/25 Skull Crushers
– Half Court/10 count Jolly/Suicides

We did 4 rounds or 2 shots each PAX. In total we did 50 merkins, 275 curls, 100 skull crushers, 3 rounds of suicides, and 1 mosey

We then carried our coupons back to the flag

COT – Prayers to Cookies as he continues to prepare and pursue his calling, traveling PAX, and general good health