45 Caliber Workout

Present: Jolly, Tortuga, Aloha, Archive, Sparrow, Panda Express, Noodles, Bogo, Speedo, Drumline (FNG), Crack, Achtung, Beaker, Shiplap, Ranger Rick (FNG), Bloomer, Banks, Whittler, TBone, Babysitter.

Warmorama: Motivators, Abe Vigodas, Arm Circles (all in cadence)

The Thang: AMRAPs with 4 stations, equalling 45 reps at each station:

20 merkens, 5 pullups, 20 BBSU

15 swerkens, 20 dips, 10 Bonnie Hurleys

10 picnic press, 35 LBCs (in retrospect, 2 should have been one)


COT: As we have passed the summer solstice, we contemplated that as the days get shorter, this converges with John the Baptist’s signature saying, “I must decrease, He must increase.” In the second half of life it is less about us and more about others and God.

Prayers for Chicago, Haiti, Noodle’s M, Traveling PAX, and others.

We have drone coverage today courtesy of Sauron/Big Brother.