BACKBLAST: Thursday 7.15.21 “SAGA’s Birthday Beatdown @ AO Mastodon

Thanks to all the HIMs who came out to celebrate my first year of F3 life. The day was full of baptisms in the gloom due to the plentiful rain, fun will balloons, and a beatdown on Hoffa.

WOR: to the tune of “Don’t Worry Be Happy”

Birthbees / Mt. Climbers / Abe Vigodas / Arm Circles

The rest of the beatdown was completed to the childhood songs of Harry Connick Jr.

THANG 1: SAGA’s Balloon Extravaganza

What is a birthday party without balloons? Thus the requirement for the PAX to entertain SAGA while he watched with glee. Four groups of four lined up behind the pull-up bar. First PAX does three pull-ups with a balloon between his knees (other PAX are in a row doing squats, merkins and side straddle hops). The balloon was to be passed without using hands and if it fell to the ground penalties in the shape of burpees were completed.

As a final party trick, SAGA had two contestants from each row positioned with a balloon between their F3 chests and the race was on to see which pair could pop their balloons first. Let me just say, there are many things that are more fun without alcohol and this is one of them. Brother’s got to hug!

THANG 2: 45 to 1

Honoring both SAGA’s hospital age and his F3 age the following were completed:

  1. 45 squats / 45 sit-ups / 45 merkins : 1 redrum
  2. 45 coupon curls / 45 coupon kettle swings / 45 skull crushers : 1 redrum
  3. 45 coupon rows / 45 overhead press / 45 goblet squats : 1 redrum
  4. 45 burpees : 1 redrum

CoR/NoR/Cot: 17 PAX in attendance: @Aloha @Banks @Beaker @Cookies @Da Vinci @Hotbox @Jolly @Panda Express @Panhandle @SAGA (Q) @Shiplap @Sparrow @Squatty @TBTF @T-Bone (respect) @Tortuga (respect) @Whittler

Prayers for Cuba & Haiti, @Whittler’s coming move, @Banks’ house selling, @Archive’s job interview, @Hotbox future opportunities

Bananas were awarded and the ways of the force that I first learned from @Sparrow’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” continue for another year to come…

MOLESKIN: Be content: what if you already have what to want?