Backblast: Friday July 16 5:30am AO Ground Zero

13 Pax gathered on a near perfect morning to run

> WOR: top down warm-up – tricep stretch, Michael Phelps, quad stretch, runners stretch >
The Thang: we ran north on the path – varying speeds- no records were set – there was an interesting chase where Heist played the role of antelope to Tortuga’s lion – the outcome a forgone conclusion. >
> NOR: @shiplap, @whittler, @banks, @heist, @tortuga (respect), @toto (respect), @cheese (respect), @big Mac, @beaker, @jolly, @sparrow, @katniss, @t-bone (respect, Q) >
> Moleskin: 1) girls can be athletes too – encourage your daughters and your sons. 2) don’t get too caught up in language and labels – words like “social justice” and “evangelical” have been co-opted and often cause visceral reactions and divisiveness. Don’t put yourself and others in a box and don’t be afraid to have real conversations with people about big issues >
> COT: new jobs and more time in the office for many, @big Mac – parent solo, @archive job interview, others I may have forgotten but God hasn’t.