Who Knew?

BACKBLAST, 7/14/21, AO Tar Pit, 5:30AM

WOR: motivators, copperhead merkins, squats, and coupon squats, arm circles on one leg, short mosey with some skipping and Bernie.


Carried coupons to the top of the front driveway. One HIM shared a truth and an exercise. If it was also true for you you stayed and did the reps. If not, you ran down the driveway and then up one of four staircases leading back up. Flapjack. Everyone does reps and runs for each truth.

IF you are the only one it is true for, you must do five penalty burpees while the rest recover. If it is true of everyone, we all have five penalty burpees.

Exercises included: merkins, curls, skull crushers, plank, overhead press, LBC, BBSU, squats.

Truths included:

  • I have jumped out of a plane.
  • I have travelled to Europe.
  • I played high school baseball.
  • I have sported a mullet.
  • I own a gun.
  • I went to college out of state.
  • I have bungee jumped.
  • I have flown an airplane solo. (5 burpees for Banks)

Final round: everyone tried to share a truth that no one else had. If anyone else shared it, we all did five burpees. Eleven truths resulted in just 15 penalty burpees for all.

Mosey back to flag.

NOR: Banks, Panhandle, TBTF, Drum Line, T-bone (respect), Sparrow, Jolly, Shiplap, Milk Duds (respect), Noodles, Katniss, Tortuga (respect, Q)

COT: Prayers for wisdom in parenting, Noodles’ being at F3 more, Sparrow’s house hunting and decision, T-bone’s 2nd oldest 2.0 turns 18 today.