Backblast – Thursday (8/12/2021) at AO Mastodon

WOR – burpee (slow) x5, SSH x15 IC (worst cadence count of all time), Copperhead Squats x10, Copperhead Merkins x10, Tappy Taps x10 IC

Thang – We broke up in 4 teams of 3-4 PAX per team. The routine was set up in a 4 station rotating format with the goal of 4 rounds (we didn’t have the time to complete all 4 rounds of all 4 stations)

Station 1 – at the COOTIES – Pull ups, Squats

Station 2 – at the swings – Atomic Merkin, Merkin

Station 3 – at the SHOP – step ups, squat jumps

Station 4 – at the base of Hoffa – curls, overhead presses, mosey or sprint to the top of Hoffa, 5 burpees, mosey down

First round we did 100 reps at each station (100 reps total between the two movements), second round we ran through the stations at a 75 rep count, third and fourth rounds would have been 50 and 25 reps at each station but we did not get there due to time.

After the round of 75 the PAX moseyed to the top of Hoffa for some Mary with a view, we circled (ovaled) up and went around the circle each PAX calling out an exercise for 5-10 reps and the next PAX immediately with no break calling out the next.

We moseyed to the bottom of Hoffa, did 20 reps of anything we wanted with the coupon and made our way to the flag

Count-O-Rama – 14 PAX in attendance

Name-O-Rama –

COT – Prayers for Dale (Crack’s uncle) who had a health scare and needs to make significant changes in lifestyle to remain healthy, Prayers for the community to stay healthy and safe