Sweating to the Oldies (2000s)

On August 10th the reverse timeline began as we move through the decades.

After a warm up to Eminem’s Lose Yourself (full body scan following the Q, neck rolls, arm circles, tappy taps, goofballs) we gathered at the base of Hoffa for a millennium.

The Thang: First Pax to 100 runs to the hill and ends the exercise for all. On return Pax can resume said exercise or switch to Mary of his choice. Winner gets a 5 burpee penalty for next round but also gets to choose the next exercise. The set list:

Moleskin: Many refugees see our suburban world, jaded to the teenager, as paradise itself. What in your life could you stand to look at like a refugee?

COT: DaVinci (Q) Panhandle, BigMac, Hotbox, Jolly, Baker, Aloha, Drumline, TBTF, Cookies, Dottie, Blues Clues, Sparrow, Capn Crunch.