AO Tar Pit 8/28/21 – Another Ultimate Q

11 Pax joined YHC (Beaker) on a humid Saturday morning.


Motivators (ic x7)

Abe Vigodas (ic x10)

Slow Tappy Taps (ic x7)

Stretch legs (OYO)

Thang 1

Indian Run to Ackerman

Thang 2

10 of us played ultimate frisbee; Hotbox did other things.

Ultimate Frisbee. Scoring team did 5x(their score) burpees after each score. After each interception, the intercepted team completed a Mucho Lego.

Thang 3

Mosey back to Tar Pit


Jolly, Tortuga, Shiplap, Banks, Y2K(welcome back!), Cheese, Katniss, Big Mac, DaVinci, Hotbox, Beaker


We need others to speak God’s truth into our lives. Speak words of Truth, grace, and love into the lives of those around you.


Big Mac’s mom’s medical tests, Tortuga’s arm.