Backblast – Saturday (8/28/2021) at AO Mastodon

WOR – burpee (slow) x5, SSH x10 IC, Copperhead squats x10, Copperhead merkins x10

Thang – A trip around the Archive Mile stopping along the way for some fun

  • We moseyed from the flag to the island in the middle of the traffic loop, broad jumped across and continued our mosey to the poolhouse
  • At the pool house we did 50 merkins and 10 burpees then lunged our way down the path to the far southeast corner
  • We did 25 merkins and 25 BBSU and 10 burpees and did high knees to the northeast corner of the path (the beginning of Dan Taylor alley)
  • We then did 10 burpees and of course Dan Taylors from 1:4 to 8:32 and moseyed our way to the backstop and side shuffle hopped (invented based on inaccurately calling side straddle hops by the wrong name) to the small parking lot
  • We did 50 squats and 10 burpees and a nice slow mosey to the grassy area near the first bridge
  • We did 25 squats, 25 BBS and 10 burpees and moseyed to about 50 feet from the far west bridge
  • We bear crawled to the bridge and crossed the bridge without touching the platform in whatever creative way we could and the moseyed to Hoffa
  • We bear crawled up Hoffa and did 25 Merkins, 25 squats, 25 BBSUs and Bernie Sanderes our way to the base of Hoffa
  • We then bear crawled back to the op and did about 5 minutes of Mary
  • We moseyed to the flag to finish the beat down

Count-O-Rama – 9 PAX in attendance

Name-O-Rama – Captain Crunch, Archive, Sparrow, Wet Burrito, Bloomer, Crash, Crack, Aloha, TBTF

COT – Praying for Archive’s job opportunity and continued success in his career