Backblast: Frolf

Date: Saturday, 10/2/2021

AO: #ao_mastodon

PAX: @TBTF, @Bad Debt, @Captain Crunch, @Jäzz Händz, @Crack, @Jailbreak, @Tortuga (respect) Q

FNGs: 0

Q: @Tortuga

Total: 7

Seven PAX showed up for an afternoon beatdown (7am). They were greeted by six gallon jugs of water and two frisbees.

WOR: Seven count motivators, arm circles, seal claps, overhead claps, copperhead squats and merkins, a slow jog down the parking lot and a skip back.

Thang 1: Arms. Four stations, two rounds. 10 pull ups, 20 reverse flys with gallon jugs, 20 side pull ups, and 20 inverted rows.

Thang 2: Frolf (frisbee golf) round 1. Two teams. To earn a throw you had to complete five reps. Choose between merkins, squats, lunges (2=1), or reverse flys. As a team, get the frisbee to the next lamp post. Advance to the frisbee after completing the reps and throw from its landing spot. As soon as the post is hit, the entire team advances to the post and restarts their reps. Played from Cooties past the pool parking lot.

Thang 3: Frolf round 2. Same teams. Six trees were designated as targets in the far east end of the park. Teams had to complete 10 reps per person before advancing to the frisbee. While advancing, the jugs had to be held out at shoulder height. Reps rotated through squats, tuck jumps, and hinge jumps.

Thang 4: Frolf round 3. Soccer goals were the targets. Instead of reps, teams had to travel to throws. For the first target, after the first throw the team had to broad jump burpee to the disc. Once one team member arrived, the rest could mosey to the disc. Lunges, bear crawl, and team’s choice finished out the round.

Thang 5: Scout mosey back to the flag. The first three HIM carried two milk jugs rifle carry style. The last man ran to the front, snagging the milk jugs from the third guy in line on his way there. Repeato. Shifted to jugs at shoulder height out to the side, then out to the front, and back to rifle carry. We arrived at the flag at 8:01, but I decided to add one last lap of the parking lot to our scout walk for good measure (since Jäzz Händz thought we were done).

COT: We praised God for bodies that work and friends to work out with. Bad Debt’s 2.0, Ben, does not have a torn ACL, as was suspected, but just a bone bruise. His recovery will be much quicker. We lifted up Jäzz Händz’s friend Brian and his wife as he is still in a coma, Crack and his family as he is travelling a lot for work, K-pop as he adjusts to the workload at college, Tortuga’s 2.0, Gulliver, as she is flying to Costa Rica today and will be there two weeks followed by Peru for four weeks, and Jailbreak’s old co-worker who passed away. Prayers for his family.

Coffeteria returned to the Wheaton Public Library after a significant hiatus!!! Saga joined us there. Jailbreak and Bad Debt had family obligations.