BACKBLAST: 10/4/2021 @ AO Mastodon

PAX: @Jolly, @Tortuga, @Cheese, @Da Vinci, @Banks @Archive, @8-Track, @SAGA, @Panhandle, @Ranger Rick, @Jailbreak, @Panda Express, @Big Mac
FNGs: 0
Q: @Jolly
Total: 13
Conditions: It was a humid fall morning.
Warm-Up: OYO stretching needed to run or ruck.
The Thang:
Runners ran over to Wheaton College and did some sprints at Franklin Middle School on the way back.
Ruckers rucked.
Lot’s of open Q spots in October. Sign up today or be assigned.
New channel coming…Get to Know your PAX.
COT: Prayers for Tortuga’s upcoming surgery this Thursday.