Date: Thursday, 10/7/2021

17 PAX started out on a humid morning with a short WAR of motivators (7, ic) and merkins (11, ic). We divided up into 4 teams to hear the rules for the beatdown. After chiding YHC for threatening to take away fun and games if there were not enough HCs, the game was explained according to the rules below. In the end teams 3 and 4 were victorious with 4 points each (though team 3 took poetic license in their definition of a redrum). While teams 1 and 2 scored 3 points each. A good time was had by most and coffeteria discussion focused on possible rules changes in the game to close loopholes (ahem, @Banks), optimize the workout, and prevent @Captain Crunch (AJ) and @Archive from cheating.


1. You get a point by:

1. bringing a coupon to a bridge, and completing the assigned exercises.

2. completing sets of redrums as a team (no modifications or picking up the six.)

1. You can only advance your coupon to a site (bridge or Hoffa) via rifle carry.

2. You must return to the flag between sites; (your whole team must be present at the flag before advancing to the next site–forgot to mention)

3. You may do as many redrums as you would like. For your first point, your whole team must complete 1 redrum each. Your second point costs your two redrums each. Your third costs you four redrums each. Your fourth costs your eight redrums each. (2^(n-1) redrums gets you your nth point.)

4. If you are the first team to complete the exercises at a bridge, leave your coupon in a horizontal position near the listed exercise.

5. If you arrive at a bridge and there is a horizontal coupon, you must complete 2x the stated reps to earn your point. After completing these reps, carry both coupons back to the flag.

6. As you remove coupons from a bridge, cross out the exercise (not reps) and replace it with an exercise of your choice.

7. Your team does not need to travel together. However, you must all be at the bridge together before a point is awarded. All reps must be completed within 10 feet of the bridge.

8. Only one team may bring their coupon to a bridge at a time. If two teams have men doing reps at a bridge, the team that brings their coupon first gets to continue. The other team loses all their reps and must go to another bridge. Keep your coupon vertical as you are doing your reps so that approaching teams know that the coupon that is there is yours.

9. You may not complete the same bridge 2x in a row.–forgot to mention

10. Any team that is not at the flag by 6:15:00 by my watch surrenders all of their points. Anyone who arrives at the flag early holds plank or canoe under penalty of losing points (some or all) for your team.

11. Carry all coupons at your final station back to the flag, and pick up any at any station you pass on the way.

AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Jolly @Archive @Banks @Sparrow @Ralphy @SAGA @Hotbox @Cookies @8-Track @Katniss @Big Mac @Yankee @Bloomer@T-bone @Captain Crunch (AJ) @FN3 @Beaker
FNGs:1, FN3
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