Coupon Hop – Tuesday, 10/5/21

Backblast: Coupon Hop
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Jolly, @Tortuga, @Banks, @8-Track, @SAGA, @Panhandle, @Sparrow, @Panda Express, @Aloha, @Bloomer, @Beaker, @Zoro, @Captain Crunch (AJ), @Hotbox FNGs: 0
Q: @Bloomer
Total: 15
Conditions: Dark warmish morn.
Warm-Up: Imperial walkers, squats, windmills, sumo squat walks, side straddle hops. The Thang:
1. Partner up. One partner farmer carries two coupons to the light pole while the other partner runs ahead and does squats until their partner arrives. At light pole partners switch tasks and move to the next light pole, all the way to the soccer field/parking lot by Dan Taylor alley. 2. Upon arrival partners alternate burpees for 3 minutes.
3. We completed 25 murder bunnies, 20 goblet squats, 25 murder bunnies
4. We ran a circuit around the soccer field. We started with 20 sit-ups, back pedal the length of the soccer field, 20 push ups and completed the round by bunny hopping 15 coupons. 5. We completed 15 murder bunnies, 10 goblet squats, 15 murder bunnies
6. PAX carried coupon back to flag and does 7 curls at every light pole in the way back.

COT: Prayers for the full life of captain Crunch, Afghanistan, Haiti, hurricane repair, shooting and senseless violence in America.