Thursday October 14th, 2021 – Super Dora

Backblast: Thursday October 14th, 2021 – Super Dora
Date: Thursday, 10/14/2021
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Sparrow, @Jolly, @Beaker, @T-bone, @Tortuga, @SAGA, @TBTF, @Banks, @Aloha, @Archive, @Big Mac, @Shiplap
FNGs: 0
Q: @Banks
Total: 12Conditions: Warm and Rainy October Morning!Warm-o-Rama: 7x Motivators, 15x Tin Soldier IC, Leg Stretch, 5 Slow Burpees (aka "The @T-bone)The Thang: Super Dora
We teamed up in groups of 3 and completed the following Dora Style:1 PAX would run to the top of Hoffa, then head to the pullup station, the PAX at the pullup station would move to the S.H.O.P, and the PAX at the S.H.O.P. would run.

  • 100 Pullups
  • 200 Overhead Table Presses
  • 300 Merkins
  • 400 Dips
  • 500 4 Count Flutter Kicks
  • 600 Squats touching your butt to the bench each time

3 MOM:
We circled up and completed a round of GeronimoCOR/NOR/COT:
Thankful for a beautiful October morning and being able to be outside enjoying each other’s company. Prayers for @SAGA as he prepares and travels to a conference, Thankful to have @Shiplap back with us and continued prayers for his family to settle in with the new addition, and prayers for @Big Mac’s friend who is struggling after a rough divorce.Moleskin:
Be thankful for what you have and there is no better place than home. @SAGA shared a great metaphor about how our walk through life can be painful at times, but each step that causes pain is followed by another to give thanks for