Arctic Grail

That is, the Northwest Passage Workout.

Date: Tuesday, 11/9/2021

AO: #ao_mastodon

PAX: @SAGA @Spoke @Hotbox @PandaExpress @Tortuga @Zoro @Wetburrito @Bloomer @Hancock @TBTF @Katniss @BigMac @T-Bone @Aloha @Pink Drink @Bumble @Sparrow @Calvin Klein @8Track @Banks @Gummibear @CapnCrunch @Jolly @Panhandle @Da Vinci

FNG: 2

Q: @Da Vinci

Total: 25

Warmorama to Stan Rogers’s Northwest Passage. Omens: Lady Jane drapes her husband’s sleeping body with the flag she sowed for him; they name the ships “Terror” and “Erebus” (goddess of chaos and darkness)

Depart May 1845, Mozy to evoke the smooth sailing.

Last seen by whalers July 1845: Kraken burpees to The Wellerman.

Two lights forward one light back (with Kraken burpee at back light)

THE MISTAKE: Peel sound: Hands only on bridge.

Marooned 25 miles off King William Island, 60 miles from success (60 BBSU)

Sledge attempt: Burpee death marh (Bear crawl scout run with 5 burpees at back)

AMRAP (7 ways to die, 7 abyss merkens, 7 dips, 7 bench squats) during the rock remix of Northwest Passage

Cannibalism: Plank contest, losers run to top of hoffa for fence derkens

Moleskin: Was the 1845 expedition just a “failure”? Was Sir John Franklin, a devout Christian, just seeking glory? Was it marked by hubris (outrageous arrogance)? Can both be true? We should beware false grails and the horrible disease that afflicts we older men, “stillgotitis” Though I must say that it didn’t make sense to me until our discussion afterwards. Hotbox pointed out that Franklin’s Bible or journal had the passage marked “if I dwell inn the uttermost parts of the sea, you are there.” Sparrow pointed out the inevitability of death. Later journeys (Roald Amundsen) learned the need to humbly learn from the Inuit (many of whom are themselves Christian! ). Saga pointed out that “success is the formation of a soul.”

On those terms, perhaps the mission was a success.