Hills and Pullups

Backblast: “Hills and Pull Ups”Date: Friday, 11/5/2021
Eight gathered on a cold morning for a Run Club with pull ups in honor of the 1000 pull up challenge.
PAX:@Jolly@Tortuga@Da Vinci@Panhandle@Toto@8-Track@CHiPs@Gummi Bear
FNGs:  0
Total:  8

WOR: Tappy taps, leg stretches, and a short walk.
Thang: Moseyed to Triangle Park.  Pull ups optional there.  Ran a loop up Blanchard Road hill and around back down to the park.  More optional pull ups.  One more loop with a final round of optional pull ups.  Moseyed back to Ground Zero.  4+ miles.  30 pull ups for me.

Moleskin: My trip to Peru did not go as I or Anna had planned.  I missed the final leg of the flight there which made me four hours late.  We had to scramble to change the elaborate touring plans she arranged for the day.  She got sick at the first site, and we spent the next day and a half in the hotel room or traveling to the clinic for care.  Thankfully, God has taught me over the years that His plans are perfect.  I was able to see that He had me there to care for my daughter; to hold her hair back while she threw up, to buy overpriced gatorade with my super pathetic Spanish, and to give my wife peace that Anna was in good hands.  I didn’t get to see Macchpiccu, but I did get to be there when my daughter needed me.  Thank you, Lord.
   We don’t always see how God is using our busted plans, but we can always trust that “all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

COT:  for @Da Vinci’s aunt who is still in the hospital, today’s orphan: Nelisiwe.