“Veterans Day Beatdown”

Date: Thursday, 11/11/21
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Jolly @Archive @Sparrow @Beaker @Bloomer @wet burrito @Ralphy @Tortuga @8-Track @CHiPs @TBTF @Panhandle @Pink Drink @T-bone @Jailbreak @Hancock @Shiplap @Da Vinci @Captain Crunch (AJ) @SAGA
FNGs: 0
Total: 20

Conditions: perfect beatdown gloom with a bit of music to color the atmosphere

Warm-Up: “Reveille” & the “A-Team theme” started us off while we engaged in: arm circles / tappy taps / merkins / mountain climber

THANG 1: moved with our coupons to the sounds of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” and gathered as brothers in arms to work our abs in 1min battle between PAX of big boy sit-ups while Johnny Cash gave us a replay of “The Gettysburg Address”.

THANG 2: To the tune of the “Warrior Song” and then “Drunken Sailor” we grouped up by 5s and while one group of five did a stretcher carry with a PAX complete with two wing-men doing a farmer’s carry with coupons all of the rest enjoyed grave diggers. Burpees were incorporated at various points along the stretcher journey between flags.

THANG 3: A bit of Queen (“We Will Rock You”) and Rage Against The Machine (“Freedom”) encouraged us on as we completed a redrum on Hoffa.

THANG 4: Johnny Cash again serenaded us about the sad story of “Ira Hayes” while we rotated through overhead presses, rows, and curls while not putting the coupons down.

THANG 5: With the drill sergeant upon us we moseyed on a short loop to the cooties.

THANG 6: Guns N Roses welcomed us to the jungle and we rotated through pull-ups, squats, and LBCs.

THANG 7: The drill sergeant returned again and we moseyed back to our coupons at the base of Hoffa.

THANG 8: With a tribute to “America” and “Born in the USA” Neil Diamond and The Boss gave us a sound track as we counted in cadence to 11 through each of the following: American Hammers, Chest Press, Scull Crushers, Coupon Dips, Coupon Merkins, Kettle Swings, Thrusters.

MARY: Louis Armstrong reminded us “What A Wonderful World” we have as we closed out the morning with @Sparrow getting carried away with flutter kicks and then some boat/canoe from @Archive to bring us home.

COT: Recognized the veterans among us: @8-Track & @Panhandle. We stood for 1 minute of reflection on those who have fought for our freedom while Taps played through the gloom.

Moleskin: Success is not about ambition or accomplishment or achievement. True success is the formation of a soul.