Backblast: Acceleration is key!
Date: Wednesday, 11/17/21
AO: #ao_tar_pit
PAX: @Jolly @Tortuga @Panhandle @T-bone @Katniss @Da Vinci @TBTF
FNGs: 0
Q: @Shiplap
Total: 8
SSH x 20, Picking Daiseys (Middle,LEft,Right), Quad Stretch, Groin Stretch, upper body OYO
Track – Dynamic Warmup 25 yards OBOB. High Knees, Butt Kicks, Karaoke, 400 meter runThang 1: 7 – 100s
We split into two groups of 4. We Sprinted 100 yards – giving AYG and no less than 85%. After the Sprint we walk back 50 for recovery and then spring another 100. This gave us 7 – 100s in 1/4 mileThang 2: Block Work – On the Q – controlled, full range of motion reps
Thrusters x 10
Outlaws x 10 both ways
Merkins x 15
BBSU x 15
Skull crushers x 15 plus 5 negatives
1 Arm Rows x 10 plus 5 negatives
High Pulls x 20
Curls x 15 plus 5 negativesThang 3: Bombs on the Gerbil Wheel until time
AYG up the hill – NO Holding back
Burpees x 5, Outlawas x 10, Merkins x 15, BBSU x 20, Squats x 25 – PERFECT FORM – the PAX were great here!
Recovery down the stairs and 25 ab exersizesCOT: Prayers for Makanaka (Thanks @T-bone), @SAGA M, @Archive M. Praise for our health, family, and the ability to post!Moleskin: Two prong Moleskin: The days are long – but the years a short. I am reminded of this because is is my 2.2’s 4th birthday and I couldn’t help but riminess rocking him as I was rocking 2.4 last night at 1:00AM. Our life is all about consistency. Being a consistent dad, husband, believer/follower, eater, and consistently working out. The more we can forcce ourselves to be consistent the better we will become in all aspects of life.