Backblast: “Just a Few Burpees Beatdown”

Date: Tuesday, 11/16/21
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Gummi Bear @Tortuga @Hotbox @Da Vinci @Heist @Cookies @Big Mac @Jolly @Panhandle @Beaker @Banks @Katniss @Shiplap @Crack @Sparrow @TBTF
FNGs: 0
Total: 16Conditions: the right amount of coldWarm-Up: Slow burpees x5, SSH x25, Copperhead Squats x10, Copperhead Merkins x10, Arm Circles

All HIMS had 5 burpees to dish out to the PAX at any random point throughout the beatdown. And dish them out they did.

  • We rifle carried our coupons to the traffic circle to do 10 blockbees and burpees were done
  • We then rifle carried our coupons to the first parking lot where did 15 Derkins as well as even more burpees
  • Next we started our journey around the sizeable parking lot as a PAX. We bear crawled from our starting point to the first corner where we did 100 bodyweight squats along with random sets of…you guessed it…more burpees
  • Next we hopped (in any form) to the next corner which was really far away where we did 100 merkins and burpees of course
  • Next we bear crawled to the third corner for 25 star jumps and 25 SSH with some burpees thrown in
  • Next we moseyed to the fourth and final corner of the lot (with a few cartwheels for those who wanted per my 2.1’s request when she helped me plan the Q) where we did 100 reps of any coupon movement the HIM wanted without putting the coupon down (of course modifying as needed) and yes there was some burpees called
  • We then picked up our coupon, rifle carried to the COOTES to set them down, and moseyed to the field in front of HOFFA where we raced to the top (if I passed the PAX, they did burpees)

MARY: Once on the top of HOFFA (my favorite place for MARY) we did…burpees…then MARY in a ring of fire format. We then ran out of time so we moseyed back to our coupons and made it to the flag.COT: Prayers for @SAGA, @Tortuga, and @Archive M’s as they pursue wellness in various forms, prayers for @Hotbox as he asks the Lord for guidance, prayers for the PAX and community health

Moleskin: "We get by with a little help from our friends", We often push harder, achieve/accomplish more, and are better versions of ourselves when we are part of a group whether it is F3, family, friends, work, etc; be mindful and show appreciation for those around us (edited)