Backblast: ‘What’s in a Name”

Date: 12/15/2021
AO: #ao_tarpit
PAX: @Panhandle @T-bone @Tortuga @Spokes @Shiplap @Big Mac @Katniss @TBTF
FNGs: 0
Total: 8
Conditions: mid 50s (beautiful for mid-December) and a little wetWOR:
T – The Side Shuffle Hop x25
B – Burpees x5 <slow>
T – Toe touches/picking daisies
F – Frankensteins x10THANG 1:
Mosey half way around the school building.
T – The Donetello (all 4 staircases)
O – One leg burpees – 5/leg
O – Obamas x10Mosey the remaining distance around school ending at the ramp.
B – Bear crawl up ramp
I – Indian Crab Walk down ramp
G – Grizzcalator – 1 merkin per stepMosey into the park.
T -Tony Hawk burpees (360 on the jump) x10
O – OPP – 1/2 PAX OH clap in peoples chair while other 1/2 mosey 2 light posts and complete 30 plank jacksMosey to the circle by the boathouse.
F – Flying Nuns around the sidewalk circle
A – American Hammer x25
I – Imperial Walkers x15
L – Lunges x10Mosey back to the flag.Moleskin: I believe I actually forgot to present this but this is what I had planned.
"Fail Fast". I first heard this early in my career and felt like it went against everything I was told up to that point (ie don’t fail, do everything right the first time, etc). The reality is everyone fails in some ways all the time whether it is family, relationships, faith, work, or anything else. Failing is why we succeed. "Failing fast" seeks to take the stigma out of the word "failure" by emphasizing that the knowledge gained from a failed attempt actually increases the probability of an eventual success. Don’t be afraid to fail..don’t even feel bad about it.COT: @Crack and @Tortuga friends who recently got COVID. I can not recall if there was another prayer but rest assured that God is all knowing and he heard us.