12 Days of Cindy

Backblast: 12 Days of Cindy
Date: Tuesday, 12/21/21
PAX@T-bone@Big Mac@Hancock@Hotbox@Gummi Bear@8-Track@Jolly@Tortuga@Banks
FNGs: 0
Total: 9

Conditions: A cool calm mid-December morning.WoR: SSH, IC, Arm Circles and Michael Phelps, OYO, copperhead merkins and squats

Thang 1: Moseyed to the base of Hoffa then paced off about 50 yards from it, almost to the path.On the first Day of Cindy, Tortuga sang to me, “A quick jaunt up Hoffa.”
Day 2: Two Jack Webbs, and a quick jaunt up Hoffa.

  • Day three: Santa Squats
  • 4 -Peppermint Plank Jacks
  • 5 – Golden Blockees
  • 6 – Christmas Light Lunges
  • 7 – Snow Presses (Shoulder Press)
  • 8 – Festive Kicks (Flutter Kicks)
  • 9 – Candy Cane Curls

All of this was done IC as much as possible.  Runs up Hoffa included carrying your coupon to the base of Hoffa, leaving it there, moseying up Hoffa and retrieving the coupon on the way back.
We ran out of time at day nine, so we finished by doing the final three days without the rest of the reps.

  • 10 Meter Crawls – Bear Out / Crab Back
  • Sleigh Bell Sit Ups holding Cindy  overhead
  • Reindeer Complexes (Bear Complex)
    • Cindy starts on ground with each rep and each cadence is treated as an isolated movement.
      • Power Clean
      • Front Squat
      • Push Press Cindy to Shoulders
      • Back Squat
      • Push Press
      • Ground Cindy

COT: Prayers for our marriages, praise for bodies that work and friends to work out with, Praise that Hotbox was able to find a month by month rental near his new job.  Also, through God’s providence, his parents were able be with his grandpa as grandpa was hospitalized and is in his final days.

Moleskin: Two things:
1. Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.  In fact, silence is better than putting your foot in your mouth.
2. Compliment your wife.  An old neighbor, out of the blue, commented to my M, “You look so pretty!”  She absolutely lit up.  Remind your wife that she is gorgeous.

Workout developed by @Little Debbie (Tallahassee, FL). Slightly modified by Tortuga.