Backblast: 1/8/2022 @AO Tarpit

8 PAX (@Panhandle @T-bone @Jolly @Katniss @pillow mint @8-Track @Sparrow @Beaker) came out on a chilly Saturday morning for a Jolly Q. Banks is still under the weather so Jolly stepped in as an inferior substitute Q

Conditions: cold (in the teens)

WOR: Motivators, arm circles, picking daisies, a mosey around the parking lot.

Thang 1: Stairs and Burpees

We ran up the first staircase did 5 burpees, ran down the next staircase did 5 burpees, up the next 5 burpees etc….making our way around whole school for a total of roughly 80 burpees.

Thang 2: Slow in cadence reps. We did rounds of slow reps of one upper body exercise paired with an ab exercise. In addition, each PAX had the opportunity to call out burpees during the workout and make everyone do another 10 burpees. Several PAX took advantage of his option.

Round 1: 25 Merkins (slow count down) 25 leg lifts (slow count up) 25 Merkins (slow count up) 25 leg lifts (slow count down)

Ran down the hill and back up

Round 2: 25 Bent Over Rows (slow count up) 25 Dollys (slow count out) 25 Bent Over Rows (slow count down) 25 Dollys (slow count in)

Ran down the hill and Bernied back up

Round 3: 25 Skull Crushers (slow count up) 25 Big Boy Sit Ups (slow count up) 25 Skull Crushers (slow count down) 25 Big Boy Sit Ups (slow count up)

Ran down the hill and back up

Round 4: 25 Curls (slow count up) 25 Curls (slow count down) 10 Burpees (slow 6 count)

COT: prayers for Sparrow and his M’s pregnancy

Moleskin: Take the time to be thankful for the good things in your life. Don’t get too caught up on what you don’t have.