Run Club, 1/14/22

Backblast: Run Club
Date: Friday, 1/14/2022


PAX:  @T-bone@Panhandle@Beaker@Da Vinci@Toto@pillow mint@Hancock@Banks@Shiplap@Sparrow@Tortuga@Crack (and Dooley Dog)
FNGs: 0
Total: 12

WOR: Stretch on your own.

Thang: Ran south, under Roosevelt and around the neighborhood there.

Moleskin: All speeds welcome. 

Sometimes you invite a guy to F3 and they tell you, “I shouldn’t come, I’m not in good enough shape yet.”  It’s kind of like inviting a guy to go out to a bar and they say, “I shouldn’t come.  I’m not drunk enough yet.”
You come to F3 to get in shape, not once you are already in shape.  That said, we should keep an eye out for new (an old) HIM and encourage all speeds.

It’s also like coming to Jesus.  If you’re thinking, “I’m not good enough yet,” you’re right.  No one is.  That’s why God sent Jesus.  He calls us to follow him even as we are rejecting him and are in completely lousy shape.  As Jesus was being nailed to the cross he called out, “Father , forgive them.”  Jesus says, “All speeds welcome.”  In the book of Matthew, He says, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”


  • @pillow mint expressed his gratitude for F3 and this group of men.  He received many a hearty, “AYE!” in response.
  • @T-bone’s M’s good friend, Candace, just lost her mom to COVID.
  • @K-pop is home from college due to a close contact and is quarantining for 7 days.
  • Prayers for @Hotbox and family as they settle in to their new home.
  • @Noodles and family are going through COVID.