PAX with Packs (& sleds)

Date: Monday, 1/24/22
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Tortuga @Da Vinci @Panhandle @Ranger Rick @Shiplap @Banks @8-Track @Archive @Jolly @Sparrow @Buster @SAGA
FNGs: 1, @Buster
Total: 13

Conditions: A cold and snowy wonderland
Warm-Up: A bit of stretching to the soundtrack of CATS
The Thang: 10 of us rucked and shared what we were learning while three of us took to Hoffa for a run/sled excursion! We all gathered at Hoffa at the end for an 8min sledding blitz.
COT: prayers for @Katniss & @Beaker in quarantine-land, prayed for Ms and family/friendships
Moleskin: Ask for help! You get something you need and so does the one serving. Everyone wins: ask for help.