What Do You Want to Know?

Backblast: What Do You Want to Know?
Date: Thursday, 2/3/2022
AO: #ao_mastodon
Pax: @TBTF@Panda Express@SAGA@Jolly@Archive@Captain Crunch (AJ)@8-Track@Panhandle@Sparrow@Hancock@pillow mint@Tortuga
Q: @Tortuga
Total: 12

Conditions: Overcast and cold.  Strong breeze knocked down one of the flags.  Twice.

WOR: Random numbers of SSH, Seal Claps, Copperhead squats with raised hands (cult-like), mountain climbers, all IC.  Arm circles OYO.  Short mosey around the obelisk.

Thang: one HIM makes a statement about another HIM.  If you think it is true, you do overhead claps.  If you think it is false, you do scissor claps.  The HIM that the statement is about holds a squat until all have made their true or false choice.  He then reveals the truth or falsehood of the statement by overhead clapping or scissor clapping.  Those who guessed incorrectly run a lap of the parking lot while the rest do the assigned exercise.  Groups switch so everyone runs and exercises.  Repeato.

Exercises: standing side leg raises, merkins, side-to-side lunges, shoulder-thigh-toe taps in plank position, jump squats, raised leg merkins, squat hops, calf raises, plank crunches.

Some things we learned:
@Sparrow has never punched a man in the face.
@SAGA has been punched in the face.
@Panhandle did have top secret security clearance.
@pillow mint does have exactly two kids.
@Jolly has never intentionally killed a man.
@Panda Express has indeed dunked on a regulation rim.
@Captain Crunch (AJ) was not voted “Most Popular” in his high school yearbook.
@Sparrow would have gladly stayed another hour.  He was just getting warmed up with his fact finding.
More than half of the PAX present have spent time in a jail cell.

Moleskin: It was a repeated call for men to be in accountability. King David was a man after God’s own heart.  Yet he had an affair and had the husband killed so he could take the woman for himself.  We can’t do this on our own.  We all stumble and fall into sin.  Accountability is no guarantee you won’t stumble and do things you regret, but it does help you to keep on the path you want for your life.  Having a man who will ask you tough questions on a regular basis helps to keep small things from growing into big things.
If you aren’t in an accountability group, seek one out.  If you have an accountability partner already, reach out and invite someone to join the two of you.

COT: @Archive is under a lot of stress at work and has had a stomach ache for a month, @Hancock has a phone interview today (how’d it go?), Baby Tobias (?) was super premie – 1.5 lbs. and not expected to make it.  He is miraculously getting better!