Run Club, 2/25/22

Backblast: Run Club
Date: Friday, 2/25/2022

AO: #ao_ground_zero

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WOR: Stretch on your own

Conditions: cold, calm, peaceful. Perfect blanket of cold dry snow.

Thang: Ran carefully on the snow covered PP north. Laid down some fresh tracks in an otherwise untouched Prairie Path.

Moleskin: My M was about to miss her flight at the Rockford Airport. As she sped up the steps, the security guard at the top yelled down to the gate, “What does she look like?” Jackie, knowing that he meant her, shouted, “She’s BEAUTIFUL!” as she hustled past him to the gate.
Two takeaways:
Tell your wife she’s beautiful. Often.
Own your identity. My wife is beautiful. You are a child of God. You are loved by the God of the universe unconditionally. Own it. Live into that reality. Tell people.

COT: Ukraine. Be a good role model to your kids: TBTF traffic stop with his 2.0.