First Track work of the year

BACKBLAST: First track work of the year
Date: 3/2/22
PAX@Cookies@SAGA@Bo-Peep@wet burrito@Gummi Bear@Tortuga@Panhandle@T-bone
Total: 8
Conditions: a pleasant 30+ degrees, no wind
WOR: SSH IC, copperhead merkins IC 10, copperhead squats IC 10, arm circles stretch your legs OYO.

Thang 1:
We started with 4 coupons at the start line and 4 halfway around the track.  All HIM started at the start line.  The reward for being the first four to arrive at the coupon station was to do 10 reps with the coupon.  If you arrived and all the blocks were occupied, you did 10 reps without a coupon.  The first time through the stations was squats, followed by merkins, thrusters, lunges, and burpees.  We spread out pretty quickly, so most reps were done with blocks.  I think the front runners got through the second round of lunges.

Moleskin – You can’t follow from the front.  Instead of asking God to bless the plans you come up with, pray before making plans.  Ask God to give you wisdom and direct your thoughts and plans.  Follow Him.  Easy to say.  Hard to do.  I get out in front all the time.  It goes much better when I listen first.Prayers for @SAGA and a difficult interpersonal relationship, @Bo-Peep’s dad going through an investigation – hard on younger sibling, @Cookies has visas!  Prayers for flights especially in light of global conflict.