BACKBLAST: Best New Game Replay

Date: 3/19/2022

AO: #ao_tar_pit

PAX: @Tortuga @Panhandle @Katniss @SAGA @T-bone @Da Vinci @Noodles @wet burrito @Banks @Archive @Jolly


Q: @Jolly

Total: 11

Conditions: cool and wet

WOR: Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, Picking Daisies, SSH IC

Thang: After a warmup mosey around the track we separated into two teams – old versus young. We spun the wheel to determine the next exercise. One team would do as many reps of the exercise as they could while the other team did a lap around the track. When the runners completed their lap they tapped out someone doing the exercise and started doing as many reps of the exercise as they could. The person tapped out then did a lap around the track. Team with most reps wins the round. The young team got off to a big lead and were up 5-1 after 6 rounds, but the old team won the all important 7th round which was worth 4 points to tie it up at 5-5! The 8th and final round went to the youngsters (I think).

Exercises included: Overhead press, Dips, Merkins, Skull Crushers, Goblet Squats, Curls, Bobby Hurleys and Thrusters.

Moleskin – “Every father should remember one day his son will follow his example, not his advice.”

COT: Ukraine, @Tortuga’s 2.0 with a PR in shot-put, @Noodles