Pick up the Six

Backblast – Pick up the Six
Date: 5/10/22
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Tortuga @Hancock @Panhandle @Jolly @Panda Express  @Banks  @Bloomer @Da Vinci @Bo-Peep @Katniss @Shiplap @Zoro
FNGs: 1 @extension
Q: @Tortuga
Total: 13

Conditions: beautiful

SSH, tappy taps, Picking daisies, goof balls, copperhead squats, air thrusters

Thang: Five Alive, with modifications
First lamppost, one air thruster, second lamppost, two air thrusters, up to five.  At five, go pick up the six.
Top four finishers shift to five thrusters with blocks, everyone else, sticks with air.  Adding curls, one more per lamp up to five, pick up the six.
Top four finishers rifle carry, ten thrusters, 5 curls, adding blockees, up to five, pick up the six.
Top four double their blockees, adding bent over rows, pick up the six.
Finished adding block merkins.Grab a partner, farmer’s carry back to the flag using hands, not forearms.

COT@Hancock looking for a place to rent, Ukraine, @Bo-Peep’s wedding, @Sparrow’s newest 2.0 and family.

Moleskin: Are there other areas in your life where you can pick up the six?  If the dishes need doing, do you wait until the M gets it done, or do you help her out by giving her some reps?   Look for ways to pick up the six in your life.