OCR Training

WOR: Warm o Rama

Thing 1:

Traverse the cooties then complete all of these in 15 minutes. After you complete the list once, keep score of how many you go over.

Table Presses10
Parallel bar Dips10
Atomic Merkins10
Inverted Rows under the cargo net10
Pull ups7
Monkey bar sets2
Zipline ride 1 or 2 arms. (No legs)2
Traverse the swingset (under the swings, or along the top bar)1
Up Hoffa and back1

Big mac completed the list twice

Thing 2
Hit the list again in 10 minutes.


A two sided coin.
Side 1: It’s great to enter in to a game, even a dumb one, play by the rules and try to win. Wherever you are, be all there.

Side 2: But in the game of life, don’t let someone else assign the point values for your life. Salary may not carry as many points for you as a job with purpose, or living near the people you love. I sometimes forget just how free I am. I may spend a saturday rehabbing my house or cutting my grass, but I was equally free to use that time to go skydiving. Remembering that I am free to almost anything at any time makes my “obligations” more joyful, because I know I am choosing to fulfil them.