Backblast: Big Dora

Date: Thursday, 08/11/22

AO: #ao_mastodon

PAX: @Pat-Down @LeMond @Archive @Tortuga @Da Vinci @wet burrito @Jolly @SAGA @BigBlue @Guillighann @Sparrow @T-bone @Big Mac @Hancock @wanna @Arnold @dent @LouGee @Giggles @Katniss @Beaker

FNGs: 0

Q: @Beaker

Total: 21

WOR: Motivators (ic, x7), Arm circles (ic, both ways, x10), Abe Vigodas (ic, x10), T-Bone burpees (oyo, x5)


Pair up. While one partner performs an exercise, the other climbs Hoffa. For the trips up Hoffa, alternate sprinting and Bernie Sanders. Each pair must complete the following reps and exercises.

50 Coupon get ups

100 Derkins (Thanks @Katniss )

150 Overhead press

200 BBSUs

250 Curls

300 Goblet squats

Thang 2

Each PAX performed seal claps until @Tortuga completed 100, and then we sprinted up Hoffa


My network is strong and deeply supportive. Even in the light of that, I have learned again over the past two weeks the value of asking for help. Even if it is not your last resort.

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Associate Professor

Chemistry Department

Wheaton College

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